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Feedback, Appeals and Complaints

Salvos Housing seeks to ensure that applicants & tenants are treated fairly and have the opportunity to provide feedback (positive or negative), make an appeal regarding a decision, or make a complaint about how Salvos Housing has acted.

Our Commitment

  • Salvos Housing will make our tenants and applicants aware that we accept any feedback they may have.
  • Tenants and Applicants will be encouraged to provide compliments, suggestions and complaints regarding Salvos Housing services
  • All feedback will be treated in strict confidence
  • All complaints will be dealt with fairly and without discrimination.
  • A tenant or applicant will be advised that they may have their own advocate involved at any stage of our complaints procedure.
  • Any request regarding information about our service will be responded to promptly.  Where clarification is required about our practices or rights and responsibilities of the services provided, this will be addressed appropriately.
  • Applicants and tenants will be given information about how to complain.
  • Where a complaint is made the applicant or tenant will be kept informed of all decisions made and progress reports will be forwarded in writing.
  • Tenants or applicants have the option of remaining anonymous if they choose – although it may not be possible to provide feedback on the outcome of the complaint.
  • We will acknowledge receipt of your appeal or feedback within 48 hours of receiving it and will endeavour to respond within 14 days.  If we are not able to respond in this time, we will seek to contact you to discuss.


  • Tenants or applicants may request to have a decision reviewed (i.e. make an appeal). 
  • During the appeal, Salvos Housing will take a fresh look at the decision that was made, and will make a decision based upon the evidence before it. 
  • Where practical, the decision regarding the appeal will be managed by a different person making the original decision.
  • Appeals are to be made in writing and may be either
    • Mailed to Salvos Housing
    • Provided to a Case Manager (in the event of Supported Housing)

Click here to access the Tenant Appeal Form

Compliments or Complaints

  • Tenants or applicants may express satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a response or quality of service that is provided (i.e. make a compliment or complaint). 
    • In the case of Supported Housing, the case manager may also lodge the complaint on behalf of their client.
  • Complaints may be made in person, or they may be made anonymously.
  • Complaints may be made either verbally or in writing. The preference is for the complaint to be in writing.
  • Where practical, the investigation of the complaint will be managed by a different person making the original decision.
  • Complaints may be made in the following methods;
    • Mailed to Salvos Housing
    • Provided to a Case Manager (in the event of Supported Housing)
    • Verbally to Salvos Housing (in person or by phone)
    • Lodged with The Salvation Army call centre (whereby The Salvation Army complaints process will be invoked, and refer the matter to Salvos Housing).

 Click here to access the Tenant/Compliment/Complaint Feedback Form