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Repairs and Maintenance

We are committed to providing a responsive and good quality maintenance and repair service to you. This helps us maintain the quality of our housing and extend its life to meet future housing need.  If you are not happy with the work that has been performed, so that we can seek to address the situation.

Requesting Maintenance or Repairs

When requesting maintenance or repairs for your property, please provide us with the following:

  • Your name, address and contact number
  • A clear description of the problem - sometimes a photo may help
  • When a tradesperson can get into your property?
  • If no one is at home, how you would like for us to get access to your property?
  • Any other issues that we may need to be aware of.

You can log a maintenance or repair request by

  • Telephoning our office or your Tenancy Manager

Responding to Requests for Maintenance or Repairs

Salvos Housing will seek to respond to the maintenance within the targeted response times below.

The maintenance item will be classified according to its severity, which in turn will indicate the target response time.

Factors that may influence the responsiveness of the maintenance include

  • Severity of the issue
  • Future plans for the property
  • Availability of the tenant to respond to tradespersons request for access.

 Maintenance Categories and Targets

The following table outlines the target response times for differing maintenance categories;

Maintenance Category Definition Examples Target Response Time
Category 1(Emergency)

The   property has been seriously affected by a fire, storm, flood damage or   significant injury (or death) of a tenant)

  • Floodiing
  •   Burst water service
  •   Gas Leak
  •   Dangerous Electrical fault
  •   Death of a tenant


(within 4 hours)

Category 2

Urgent   Repairs

When   an essential service stops working


A   fault or damage that poses an immediate health or safety risk.


Items   specified in your lease

  • Failure or breakdown of essential services (gas, electricity or water   supply)
  •   Blocked or broken toilet
  •   Serious roof leak
  •   Broken glass
  •   Damaged fixture that causes substantial water wastage

Within   24 hours

Category 3

Non   Urgent Repairs

When   request does not pose an immediate risk to health or safety

  •  Broken lights
  •   Leaking tap
  •   Damaged wall

Within   14 days

Category 4

Routine   Repairs

Items   that do not inhibit the regular use of the property

  •   Broken blinds
  •   Screen door damage
  •   Faulty cupboards

Within   28 days


Emergency Repairs

Where an emergency occurs outside normal business hours (9am-5pm Monday to Friday) and the item is an emergency, tenants may utilise the emergency contact details contained on their lease.


Tenant Charges

Tenants may be charged for damage that was caused whilst they were tenants of the property.



For properties that are not owned by The Salvation Army or head-leased by Salvos Housing, it may not be possible for Salvos Housing to meet the above target response times.